About Us


I got bit by the cycling bug relatively late in life, drawn by the contrasting pleasures of suffering and relaxing.   Perhaps like you, I found the joy of getting new gear was sometimes tempered by the hassle of replicating the desired fit, or even just documenting your bike setup.  As a mechanical engineer with an obsessive streak that once designed measuring tools, this was an itch I just had to scratch. The sale of Archetype Joint, the test company I founded in 2004, gave me an opportunity to do just that.  Having been an engineering consultant for many years, I knew that being an outsider to the cycling industry would have its pros and cons, with success dependent on the right balance of listening and questioning. It’s been a unique pleasure devoting my time to something that’s rewarding both personally and professionally.  I hope you find the result a product that makes your cycling that much more enjoyable.

Dave Archer